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To register for camp, please print out the following forms and return with payment. Please indicate on the registration form which week(s) you are registering for.

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and mail with payment to 112 Main St. #14, Putnam, CT 06260

Cancellation Policy: Tuition is refundable up to 1 week prior to the first class minus a $30 registration fee. Within one week, ½ tuition will be refunded. After the first class, tuition is non-refundable.

Late Registration: Registration for all classes closes one week prior to class start date. Late registration will be subject to a 10% late fee.


Kids & Teens

Sawmill Pottery offers classes and workshops for all ages and all levels of experience.

Call (860-963-7807) or email us for details or to register.


Download a Clay Camp PDF flier to print


  10am-Noon 12:30-2:30pm
June 27-
July 1
Animalia Wheel Throwing
July 11-15 Choose your Own Adventure Garden Gems
Aug 1-5 Dinosaur Nation Wheel Throwing
Aug 15-19 Native American Musical Masterpieces
Aug 22-26 Animalia II Wheel Throwing

Class Descriptions:

All camps are $195/week or $50/day

Clay camp is very similar to our afterschool classes—kids get a fun-filled week where they get toexperience most parts of the pottery studio. They’ll try wheel throwing, they’ll make both functional andsculptural work, and many decorative techniques. All around fun!

Kids love animals! This camp will give kids the chance to explore their favorite creaturesthrough a series of mostly sculptural work. We will still get on the wheel once or twice—perhaps tomake a dog or cat dish— but most of our work will be handbuilt sculptural pieces.

Animalia II
This is such a popular camp that we’re running it twice! Kids are welcome to take bothsessions. Returnees would be encouraged to take their projects to the next level— working on larger,more detailed pieces.

Choose Your Own Adventure
Call us crazy… but we are offering a camp where kids can create theirown studio plan and go their own way. This is specifically for kids who are self-motivated and don’tneed a lot of guided project instruction. Instead, the role of the instructor will be that of a mentor andsounding board. We will offer technical instruction and artistic input when needed.

Because of the exclusively independent nature of this camp, it is recommended for older children and we ask thatparents are realistic about the ability of their child to stay focused in this sort of environment.

Dragons and Monsters and Dinos, oh my!!
We’re getting super imaginative this week—designingand creating unique sculptural beings and even some wacky functional ware. (Who doesn’t need adinosaur foot mug?!?) Come armed with your imagination! You’ll need it!

Garden Gems
There are so many fantastic clay pieces we can make for the garden!! Garden stakes,sculptures, bird fountains, etc….

Musical Masterpieces:
Did you know that there are a number of musical instruments you can makeout of clay? Some of our possible projects are ocarinas, drums, rattles, and udus. Perfect for yourartistic music lover!

Native American:
Native Americans are known for their clay work and pottery. During this week, wewill study and practice styles and techniques specifically used by Native American cultures. Thesetechniques will encompass both making and decorating.

Wheel Throwing:
The name says it all! We’ll really focus on wheel throwing this week. Because ofthe demanding level of focus that this much sustained throwing requires, we recommend this camp onlyfor potters aged 10 and up.


Download a Clay Camp PDF flier to print

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